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About Land Protect 


Land Protect is present in Abu Dhabi in 2007 to serve the local markets of the United Arab Emirates, the GCC countries and Middle east region with specialized building materials and contracting services.

With experience in environmental, petrochemical & industrial projects, Land Protect is capable of meeting all requirements to the satisfaction of its client.

Land Protect qualified personnel can offer a full range of services including assistance in design, engineering and construction techniques using the latest technology available.

Land Protect has developed relationships with major suppliers throughout the world. Each supplier was chosen because of its ability to develop high quality, environmentally friendly products.  

Our Vision

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To supply our customers with consistently high-quality, environmentally friendly quality products at a competitive cost.

We will retain our high service standards and reputation for excellence by working to ensure that our customer needs are always met in a timely fashion.

We continually monitor our performance to ensure that we succeed in providing value for our services.

Through these efforts, we intend to ensure that LAND PROTECT will continue to be the leading pioneer in supplying cost-effective environmentally friendly solutions to its customers.

   Our Mission

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Our Team
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